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Friday, November 02, 2007

Under roof and ready for more . . .

I would be lying if I didn't admit to being excited at the sight of masonry being applied to the library's exterior. This week there was much to be excited about.

The building's pattern is quickly emerging along the front as brick builds up alongside block. The visual appeal is already beginning to show through.

Inside rooms are more clearly identifiable. The arch above the children's area is, in a word, striking. The young adults will no doubt be interested to know that they will have their own dedicated area with a dramatic view of the garden at the front of the building.

The workroom, offices and Berea Room are also being framed in. Now that these are clearly marked, I can see for the first time the scale of this building.

Did I mention that there are THREE skylights along the ceiling? For those who were not aware, our old library occupied a former car dealership display floor. As sturdy as it was, it bore few truly striking features.

Yes, I have become fixated on the view from the Reading Porch. Below is yet another photo of what may end up being one of the building's best features, a reading area that looks out into the trees behind the library.


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