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Monday, September 10, 2007

A little Rain and a little progress

As the rain poured gently down, I made yet another foray onto the new library worksite. The first element to capture my attention was the wall of our entryway. Towering 25 feet into the air, it displays to me just how large our new building will be.

Like a phoenix from its own ashes, our new building rises up piece by piece. In a place occupied by only a two dimensional representation mere weeks before, steel supports have appeared followed by PVC plumbing door casings and steel framing.

A new wall is about to go up a few feet from the former Mountain Maternal Building. Unlike the old building, the new one will not share a common wall with its neighbor.
The supports for our reading area have also been put in place. Our patrons will soon have a sequestered area to relax and enjoy our materials without constant distraction.

With all of these additions and more on the way, it will not be long before this dream of a new library will become reality.


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