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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our heat index today is over 100 degrees

The news agencies have all been cautioning us today about how hot it is outside. As I took pictures today I began to realize just how difficult it must be to work outside in this weather. The picture below can only begin to express how much the sun was beating down on the corrugated metal subfloor.

The basement floor has recently been poured. Burlap has been pulled across the entire surface and water added periodically over the weekend to keep it from drying too quickly.

Crews came in and compacted soil in the area where our enclosed greenspace will be. A layer of gravel was then added. This will keep our walkway areas from sinking and cracking while providing good drainage for the plants that will soon find homes in this space.

Crews laid down the grids late last week that will reinforce the concrete. Support beam have also shot up in various places within the building.

The first slab on the main floor was poured today. This includes the area where the public bathrooms, entrance and community rooms will be. By noon, the workers were well on their way to applying the finish on this concrete application. As the heat approached 97 degrees, they continued diligently with the task at hand.

As hot as it is, this guy is still in good enough spirits to wave hello to those of us reading this blog. If he won't let this heat get him down, maybe we shouldn't either.


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