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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Progress, Progess, Progress

In the first picture you can see the existing walls of the library foundation from the front of the building to the front of the basement. We don't get to keep the crane in the middle, though I imagine it would be perfect for reaching those high shelves.

In this next one you can see support walls where the community rooms and foyer connect to the main section of the library. The "window" holes will likely be crawlspace accesses. A have been told that there will be good moisture barriers in these areas. Just say "NO" to mold.

This shot shows another support wall being built at the entrance of the children's area. I suspect the guy on the right is ready to pick up the pace.

Today's last shot reveals the front basement wall. I know it looks tall, but it does run level with the other walls. Any deeper though and they could have given us a basement AND a sub-basement. How cool would that be?


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