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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lots going on this week . . . I Promise

A lot has Happened on site this week. The most visible things involving drilling for the geothermal heat lines, drilling holes for caissons, and finishing forms for the front foundation od the building.

Below is a picture of the drilling truck used to set the geothermal lines 350 deep into the soil.

Here is a picture of some of the lines themselves. They will utilize the Earth's constant temperature to cool the builing in Summer and heat it in Winter saving lots of energy.

The two pictures below show the outer forms and the inner forms needed to create the shape of the foundation walls. The inner and outer sections are held together with rebar to prevent spreading when the concrete is poured. The concret should be poured by early next week. The form sections can then be pulled away revealing a permanent part of the building.
The remaining three photos are of the caisson drilling equipment. Part of the library structure will be over an area where the ground may swell and drop with the weather. To prevent damage to the foundation, holes must be drilled into the bedrock below and special columns called caissons poured. Some of these holes are as much as 14 feet deep. The foundation will rest on these caissons and prevent the builing from this damage.
Look at the size if this drill!!!


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