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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More progress, More heat; Now, finally . . . WALLS

I continue to be impressed by the work that has been done with our new building. These workers have continued to press forward in temperatures that have hovered near the 100 degree mark. Now that the basement floor has had time to cure, they have beeb able to build up the basement walls.

Keep in mind that each of the blocks weighs about 35 pounds covering only an 8x18 inch span of wall. It takes a great many of these blocks to cover even the smallest basements. Did I mention that it was near 100 degrees outside when they were doing this?

Today, another floor was poured. The temperature outside was considerably more tolerable, but concrete work is seldom easy. It is good to see another piece of the puzzle being completed.

Speaking of puzzle pieces, this week marks another milestone. Wall framing has begun and there are stacks upon stacks of galvanized steel beams waiting to be put into place.
Finally the building will display its third dimension. We will quickly be able to see where windows will be and exactly how this new location will enhance the profile of Berea's downtown area.

Expect more to come very quickly now. These galvanized studs can be assembled much faster than building materials of block or concrete. The building is slated for completion in February, but this is the time to watch lots of things happening quickly.


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