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Thursday, August 30, 2007

New building brings Bereans back home

I drove by the building site today as I often do. As I went in to take pictures, I recognized the man in the backhoe as a long time Berean who had moved to Rockcastle County about five years ago. As I began reminiscing with him about events long past, I looked over to the electrical crew and realized that I had found another former Berean.

Mr. Brownrobie, a Berean and a Berea College alumus, has been in Lexington for more than a decade. The electrical team that he works for has the contract for our building and is currently running feeds from the street to the breaker panels inside the building. With luck this will extend his homecoming by several months.

Not forgetting why I stopped, I examined the site for new improvements. A new wall has been erected with the promise of more to come.

The multitude of remesh across the subfloor collaborates Harrison's comment that a rather large concrete pour will occur in the coming days. Our library is taking shape, with more and more continuing to reveal itself every few days for the next several months.


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