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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Progress and a brief Homecoming

The skeleton of the entryway now stands in place. The pace of framing seems to be ever quickening. As quickly as a wall framing section can be completed, there are workers ready to securely apply the particle board sheath and Tyvek wrap.

The individual areas are begining to present their own shape. Closer examination reveals the demarkations for bathrooms, community rooms, offices and so on.

Along the back, the Concrete has been poured for the reading room. Suspended outward beyond the frame of the building proper, Its future glass windows and gas fireplace will provide a more relaxed area with a beautiful view. Two additional caissons await ready to support the open air deck just beyond.

If you have spent much time at all in the Berea location, you understand that our staff is like a family. It was simply a matter of time until this family made its first trip back together to their once and future home.

For those who may have forgotten where this journey began, look to the picture below. The red shows the dimensions of the building that no longer stands. In addition to a more expansive space, the new library will offer a larger community room on its main floor, a theater style room, Berea history room, reading decks, a private garden area and greater handicap accessibility.

. . .and you thought that all this was to get rid of the mold problem!!!


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