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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brick two, Block one, Brick two . . .How to Build a Wall

To all those that have been wondering when the site will begin to look like a library, I say cast your eyes back to 319 Chestnut Street. No longer just a big hole in the ground, it does officially look like something now.

For the past few weeks, masons have been working at a rapid pace to make this a visually striking building. The following photos taken over this period show this eyecatching transition.
Block one, Brick two, Block one, Brick two . . .

The patterns begin to develop in seemingly random areas throughout the structure as if a great jigsaw puzzle is being fitted together.

Everywhere you look, brick scales its way up walls.

Scaffolding arises where necessary as the design continues skyward.

Insulation and waterproofing is found throughout this building both inside and out. We want no more moldy library areas!

A week later, the progress is very satisfying.

Patterns become more evident. The building looks more striking with every brick added.

Special features have also began to take shape, such as an arch above the doorway . . .

and decorative stones at the top of the building.

The outside will be finished before we know it.


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