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Friday, December 07, 2007

Ever closer to completion . . .

More and more details of the library are appearing each time I step onto the construction site. Workers are ever diligent in their masonry, framing, and drywalling work. It is requiring less
and less imagination to visualize the finished product.

Below is the entrance door frame. In a few months time hundreds of our patrons will pass through this portal daily.

The skylights will eliminate the gloom and closed in feeling that is seen in so many other libraries.

The reading area will provide a wonderful view as you relax near the fireplace and enjoy a bit of light reading.

If you would rather read outdoors, the "private garden" promises to be just as breathtaking.

These men are hard at work helping to set up curbs along the boundaries of the parking lot. In
a couple of short weeks, a blacktopping crew will come in and give us a proper parking lot.


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