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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Last Day for Tax Help & A Funny Story

The last day for free AARP tax help at the Richmond Location will be April 11th (1-4pm). Reproduceable tax forms will still be available in the library, and forms may also be found online at and

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Also, a bit of a silly story we thought we'd share with our readers.

We opened the library one morning a few weeks back and discovered that one of the concrete balls that top the railing columns at the parking lot entrance was missing. We searched the grounds and didn't find it, so we finally called the Richmond Police to file a vandalism report.

The officer responding checked in and discovered that it had already been found in the Christian Church parking lot a few blocks away. All we had to do was send staff down to the police department to claim it. Our theory is that, given the weight of the ball, the vandals got tired of lugging it and just dumped it.

Moral of the story: don't steal things you can't carry.... or better yet, be nice to your local library and don't steal at all!!


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