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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Pet Goat

Sammie, the Therapy Goat
As part of our youth programs, the Berea location was treated an unusual morning with Sammie, the therapy goat, and her owners Doreen, Kaelan and Cassie Parsley. the Parsley family has generously offered to introduce their gently and very friendly pet pygmy goat to out library patrons. they shared their experiences training young Sammie to go into therapeutic settings and visit patients.
It looks like they did their homework

Sammie poses with Berea's head librarian


Henna program at your library

It's no secret that the library has wonderful programs. Recently the Berea location was able to feature a Henna Body Art program.

Henna Body Art
Tammy Cornett used her considerable talents to decorate a number of our local teens. Below are some examples of her handiwork:
Tammy Cornett working her magic

Tammy Cornett working her magic
Tammy will also be offering Henna tattoos at our Richmond location on October 18th. If you can make the time, we'll make room.

Below are some examples of her artwork from the Berea program:
henna art

Wow, this is impressive

Teens enjoying the program

Teens enjoying the programmore henna

henna art

I'm guessing that this arm belongs to Zeke and Yes we ribed them with Pizza

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Madison County Public Library is happy to offer a karaoke program on the third Friday of the month. Your next opportunity will be on October 17th. Libraraoke takes place at the Berea location and usually start at 6pm. Be on the look out for flyers. There is currently over 23,000 songs available to choose from. Participation is easy. Show up, select your song from the available song lists, and wait to be called up to the "stage". Lyrics will display in real time on the monitor and you will provide the vocals to the accompanying background music. Ham it up and have a great time. Below are some pictures from a previous libraraoke event.

Food for Fines Program is going very well

The Madison County Public Library began a Food for Fines program on September 1st. Patron response thus far has been wonderful. The library has easily surpassed 1000 items with a week left in the program. We would like to thank everyone who has participated and welcome everyone to keep bringing non-perishable items in. We are excited to offer these to our local food banks.

Food for Fines

Thanks again to Channel 36 news and for everyone else for spreading the word about this program. Your efforts have increased our success.
Thanks to Channel 36 for helping spread the word

Thanks to Channel 36 for helping spread the word

Food for fines
Food for Fines

Food For Fines